The 12-month-pass is valid for an unlimited number of journeys in the purchased tariff zones in Styria. It is the cheapest ticket: the price is less than that of 9.5 monthly tickets.

The validity period of the season ticket can be chosen freely – for example from 18 May to 17 May of the following year. The validity period is printed.
A 6-month ticket is also available.

6-month/12-month passes without photo can be passed on to any other person.
Also available as a personal ticket with photo: only these tickets will be replaced after loss or theft.

New: From January 1, 2022, only the "KlimaTicket Steiermark" (Climate ticket Styria) will be sold for two or more tariff zones.
Transitional regulation: Existing annual tickets for two or more tariff zones automatically become the "KlimaTicket Steiermark" .

Where can I buy a 6-month/12-month pass?

  • At the counter: with completed order form (and photo) in one of the three customer offices and take the ticket with you.
    Holding Graz Mobility an Sales Centre, Jakoministraße 1 in Graz |  +43 316 887-4224 |
    MVG-Servicecenter, Wiener Straße 42 in Kapfenberg |  +43 3862 22044-211 |
    Citizen service office in the town hall, Erzherzog-Johann-Straße 2 in Leoben |  +43 3842 4062-448 |
  • Online: book via Holding Graz Linien Ticketshop (only in German) – the ticket will be sent by post; the personal ticket (with photo) can be printed out at home; it is immediately valid for seven working days.

Price of 6-month/12-month passes 

Only available for one tariff zone.

  • 6-month pass: 277.00 € for everybody at the standard rate
  • 12-month pass: 490.00 € for everybody at the standard rate
  • Special discount, only for citizens of Graz (with principal residence in Graz): Graz annual ticket 315.00 €

Price of "KlimaTicket Steiermark" 

Available for the entire Styrian network region.

  • 588.00 € non-transferable ticket with photo
  • 688.00 € transferable ticket without photo
  • 441.00 € senior/youth/special*

* Seniors from the age of 65, young people under 26 years, people with disabilities

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